Little Cabin Home Favorites

Click below to hear five of Little Cabin Home’s favorite ole tunes…John is playing mandolin and Teresa is singing and playing fiddle. The strum machine is used for backup. It was recorded in September 2022 as our debut album on BandLab.

1 Mr. Engineer 0:03 – 2:19

2 In the Gravel Yard 2:19 – 5:12

3 Kentuckv Waltz 5:12 – 8:04

4 Wild Bill Jones 8:04 – 10:56

5 I Am a Pilgrim 10:56 – 14:09

We hope you enjoy the tunes, we sure had fun recording them! Be sure to follow us on YouTube for more videos. Also you can follow us on Facebook under our name “Little Cabin Home”.

-Little Cabin Home

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