Happenings at Little Cabin Home

Here at Little Cabin Home, we have been busy with the startup of the woodworking business. The very first products have been made from fallen cedar trees from surrounding property. We have created beautiful custom works of art often featuring live edge pieces.

This item is a stand for your phone, tablet and anything else that will fit. It is one of Little Cabin‘s custom pieces currently for sale locally at Fiddler’s Anonymous, a fiddle shop located at 2248 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37415. Fiddler’s Anonymous can be reached at (423) 994-7497 and we highly recommend them for all your music related needs.
Live Edge Cedar Display Box Sets

2 responses to “Happenings at Little Cabin Home”

  1. Professional, different, beautiful wood.Very creative.


    1. Thank you Brenda., please visit again soon!


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